Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Muzzleloader Buck

I spent all day today moving stuff from my parents' house to the farm where I am now living. Since I have permission to hunt the farm too, I decided I would take my climber and hike through the woods and scout. I walked a good bit and it looks like this is a great place to deer hunt. There is sign everywhere and the woods are mainly oaks. It is also nice and open, so there are lots of shooting lanes.

I finally picked a tree that was about 75 yards from a bedding area that was just across the property line. I climbed up about 15 feet and got situated. It could not have been more than 30 minutes before a herd of 5 deer came into view, feeding on acorns. I watched them for about 45 minutes before another hunter came by and scared them away.

I talked to the guy, who is about my age, and found out that I had picked one of the best spots on the property. We talked for awhile and he moved to a different area to hunt. At about 4:15 I heard deer footsteps and looked to the West. A large bodied five point was heading my way. Now, normally I wouldn't shoot a five point, but this farm isn't managed and I may not got to muzzleloader hunt again this year. He finally got within 50 yards and I managed to bring him down.

After a short tracking job I found him, field dressed him, and drug him out of the woods before dark. Even though he is a small deer I am proud of the fact that I shot him out of my climber on the first night I hunted a new property. Plus I got him with my new muzzleloader! It is good to know that there are a lot of deer on the farm I am living on. There is also a nice 10 point that is running around, so maybe I'll get a crack at him one of these days.

I'll try to post some pictures of the deer soon and hopefully I'll have a chance to hunt before rifle season starts in a week. Good luck to all of you out there hunting!


  1. Congratulations, Tom! Sounds like your living situation will benefit you in a big way.

  2. Thanks Mel! I am thinking that it definitely will be nice.

  3. Congrats. Where's the pictures? We want pictures!!!

  4. Glad I looked at your blog--no one ever tells me anything. Be careful hunting on property where other hunters might be close by!

  5. THanks Arthur, unfortunately no pics, I didn't even have time to process the deer myself.

    Aunt Judy, I am very careful and the guys seem to be careful too. Thanks for stopping by!