Monday, April 27, 2009

Just An Update

I am going to be pretty busy this week as my college career begins to wind down. In 19 days I will be a college graduate! I am working on the last research papers I will ever have to write. One is for a geography class and is about public space and the other is on important people in modern Middle Eastern history. This papers are both due this week so I doubt I will get a chance to get outdoors, but I may get the chance to do some hunting or fishing this weekend. I know I said I was done with turkeys for the year but since I am going home, I may try and sneak in a hunt Saturday morning.
I am going home because I applied to be a Corrections Officer with one of the local sheriff's offices, and they advanced me in the application process. The next step is apparently the polygraph exam, so I need to get home to fill out the questionnaire that they use for that test. It needs to be returned within twenty days, so hopefully filling out the paperwork and returning it by early next week will give me a chance to take the polygraph test and have an in depth interview shortly following my graduation on May 16th.
I have often thought about a career in law enforcement, but over the past year or two I had ruled out those types of jobs as a career option. Unfortunately I will have a history degree, and there aren't many history specific positions open in today's economy. What is attractive about the job I applied for is that it is within a half an hour of my home town, you only work 14 days a month, the pay is pretty good (40k+), and the benefits are great. Hopefully I can keep advancing through the application process and I will have a full time job by the time my grace period on college loans runs out in six months! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the law enforcement career! I could see you in uniform. :)

  2. Tom, the best of luck to you in your new career! Maybe we will see each other in passing, not in the cell block! But, in the deer woods!

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