Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Days and A Wake Up

By this time on Friday I will be home and hopefully roosting some turkeys for the opening morning hunt on Saturday. The two farms I hunt are within a half a mile of each other. In all, it's about 500 acres that I have permission to hunt. The properties are very different despite their close proximity. My primary property has great cover and two different stands of mature hardwoods that the birds like to roost in. There is also an old apple orchard that the birds like to strut in, as well as a stand of white pines and a few pastures. One whole half of the farm is bordered by another property that has hardwoods going all the way to my other property a half mile away.
This property has about 40 acres of hardwoods, and then tree lines between 3 pastures and crop fields. I have never hunted gobblers there before, but I have the suspicion that those isolated crop fields may be the ticket for catching some strutting birds. Chances are I'll start my morning in the apple orchard at the other farm. Hopefully I'll have some birds fly off the roost into the open orchard. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to walk these properties since deer season, so roosting some birds will be my only attempt at "scouting."
This evening is going to be spent packing all my gear into the car and cleaning my apartment so it isn't a dump when I get back. My schedule is looking like I'll be home for Easter and opening day this weekend. Then back to Tech Sunday night, only to turn around Wednesday afternoon and head home to hunt for 3 days straight. If my plans work out, I hope to use up the two turkey tags I have left for this license year. Wish me luck!

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