Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost Done!!!

In four days I will finally receive my diploma! This week has been nuts and I have spent almost all of my time writing one last exam, cleaning my apartment, and continuing through the tedious application with the local sheriff's office. I'll finally have a few days of rest and I'll possibly go on a nice hike in the mountains tomorrow or Thursday. My family and girlfriend and are coming to stay with me the next few days, and following my graduation we will head up to Charlottesville for my girlfriends graduation at the University of Virginia!
I think I'll give myself next Monday off and then spend Tuesday running errands and getting moved back in at my house in Northern Virginia. A week from today I will be doing the job I know best , landscaping!
Unless I have a great hike in the next few days and am able to post pictures of it, I doubt I will be able to blog until after my graduation. Perhaps the next pictures I put up will be of me in a cap and gown holding a diploma!!!


  1. Congratulations and the best to you my new blogging friend. Take a day to get that hike in the outdoors in, you have earned it!

  2. Thanks Mel, I appreciate it!

  3. Congratulations Tom! This is a huge accomplishment, especially when you're getting that diploma from the best college in the best state, er, Commonwealth, in America.

    I wish I could be there to see you get it, but I look forward to seeing you next week. Have fun!