Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been Awhile

Unfortunately I haven't had the time this week to post any of my graduation pictures or do anything related to the outdoors except work. I gave myself one day off this week, which was yesterday, but I ended up cleaning my room and cutting grass all day. Today I started a job which will hopefully tide me over until I find a full time gig. It is landscaping, which is what most of my work background is in. Hopefully I'll get back into work shape by the end of next week. All I know is that the 10 hour day I worked today kicked my butt! I have to get my girlfriends yard looking nice on Friday because her graduation party is on Saturday, and then Sunday it is back to Blacksburg to move out of my apartment. Hopefully everything will settle down and I'll get a chance to go fishing, perhaps on Memorial Day. I really need to check out other people's blogs, but I just dont have the time right now. Hopefully I'll be around soon to say hi!


  1. You also should pencil in some time to come see your cousin's new baby... ;)

  2. Em- We will be down to see ya'll at some point.
    Matt- Bossman, I will see you at work on Tuesday!