Monday, August 31, 2009

5 Days Until Deer Season 2009/2010

I spent today taking care of all the chores that had piled up while I was away on my cruise. After getting the "real life" chores taken care of this morning, I went to Gander Mountain to buy the last few items I needed for my bow. I only have 5 days until the opener here in Virginia, so I want to make sure I am 100% ready!

I needed to get a new insert for my Whisker Biscuit, as well as some broadhead washers, and some new nocks. I was also in the market for some new arrows. Unfortunately, Gander was sold out of almost everything archery related. They didn't have the Beman arrows I shoot, or any Whisker Biscuit rests! I was also unable to find the broadhead washers that I wanted.

I ended up buying a package of Goldtip nocks, some Scent Killer Spray, Hunter Specialties reflective trail markers, and a Luminock. The Luminock was an impulse buy. I have heard mixed reviews about this product, but I had no problems getting it to work with my arrows and bow. I also installed the new nocks on all the other arrows and shot about 20 times.

Since I had all of my hunting stuff out, I figured I would go ahead and organize my gear. I had all of my stuff crammed into two giant Tupperware containers, so I pulled everything out and organized it into warm weather gear and cold weather gear. I also washed all of my warm weather clothing, and am planning on spraying it all down with Scent Killer before I store it. I then organized my pack and checked out my Hunters Safety Systems full body harness to make sure it was in working condition.
I also made plans with my Dad to hang a new stand at the property I am hunting Saturday. Hopefully this stand turns out to be as productive as I think it will be!

The weather is looking great for this weekend, so hopefully I'll get a chance to knock down a few deer in the morning. If I don't, it is no big deal because I am going to spend the day at the property cutting grass and hanging the new stand before I hunt in the evening. My Dad may even be joining me to help hang the stand! Hopefully I can track down a new insert for my arrow rest before Saturday.

(I am still trying to get pictures from Bermuda squared away, and I hope to put some up soon. Hopefully in the next few days.)


  1. Oh how I love the anticipation of getting ready for opening day. Our opening day isn't until October first, but we have a early doe season and a youth hunt that will hold me over until then.

    Good luck this weekend.

  2. The Iowa season starts October 1st, but I probably won't make it out until mid or late October. It really depends on the weather. If it is too warm, the deer(especially the bucks) won't move until after dark.

    Good luck this weekend--I hope you start your season off well!!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes guys. This is the early antlerless season, so I won't get a crack at the bucks until early October. I usually see a few nice ones during this season though. The past few days have topped out at about 70, with lows in the high 40's to low 50's and I have definitely seen more deer. Hopefully Saturday is the same way.